Bankruptcy: I’m on my Mom’s House

I need to file a bankruptcy, but I’m on my Mom’s House??? My mom put me on the deed to her home so as to protect it during the probate process, but it’s not my house. In a bankruptcy, the Court will look at all of your assets and debts, that includes any property that your name is on – including your mom’s house. That does not necessarily mean you cannot qualify for a bankruptcy, but it is something that our attorneys need to know about and to manage as part of your debt resolution. … [Read more...]

Real Estate: Your First Home Purchase

Your First Home Purchase Our real estate closing lawyers will ensure that the mortgage commitment letter, good faith estimates of closing costs, escrows and lender fees are all properly calculated and consistent with our state’s requirements. For instance, a seller must disclose the condition of the property (or give a $500 credit) or can face a fine if he/she fails to provide such a disclosure (or credit). The purchase agreement is a relatively standard document that includes closing … [Read more...]