“My husband and I met Harry at a difficult time while trying to negotiate settlements (, using a credit counseling agency), with creditors who where harassing us at work and at home and beginning to file judgments against us. Our credit card debt had become a downward spiral with no end in site needing to use credit for essentials so we would have enough money to pay the minimums on credit cards. With Harry’s help we were able to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy . Although no one wants a bankruptcy in their history at the point we were at our credit was bad anyway. Now thanks to Harry’s counsel and help we are able to get a second chance . I can’t explain what a relief this was . Harry was easy to talk to, made us feel at ease , always available by phone, email and in person. We highly recommend Harry Kaufman for anyone facing this difficult decision.”

“Harry Kaufman was my divorce attorney and helped me achieve a favorable outcome. I am a visually impaired woman and Harry was accommodating to my needs with a warm, personal approach to my case. He promptly replied to my email messages and phone calls. He kept me up to date on my divorce proceedings from afar after I moved out of state. I felt confident in Harry and highly respect his expertise. It was comforting to me to trust a professional from the community in which I called home for close to twenty years. I highly recommend Harry Kaufman’s legal services.”

“I went to Harry Kaufman feeling humiliated and as if I was the only one in my situation. Immediately he put me at ease and assured me others were going through the same thing. Harry was not only was readily available, he answered all questions patiently and clearly. He made sure I understood everything before I could sign it and what I did not understand, he took time to explain. I would recommend Harry Kaufman to anyone, not only for his professionalism but for his personal touch.”

“I highly recommend Mr. Kaufman’s legal practice. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He provided me with a sense of calm and ease during a very difficult time. He always responded promptly to my questions and concerns, always providing exceptional guidance and advice. Mr. Kaufman did an excellent job with my case and I highly recommend his services.”

“I appreciate Harry Kaufman and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice and would certainly use his services again, if needed. He is a man about his business, but always kind and caring. He answered all my questions and further prepared me for events before they happened. His experience and skill level made me very comfortable with him and the proceedings. There is not enough space or time to thank him for helping me and I am grateful for his warm approach during an otherwise impersonal situation.”

“As a professional, Harry Kaufman is extremely skilled, well-mannered, authentic, proficient and experienced expert in the law field. No case, no matter is too arduous nor minuet; no question too imprudent for the Law Office of Harry Kaufman. As an individual, he is very candid and diligent. He will take time needed to assist in comprehending the situation at hand and further clarify in an adequate manner. Mr. Kaufman has assisted me in very important personal legal and financial matters. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone in need of legal advice, assistance and support.”

“Harry Kaufman made filing bankruptcy a fast and easy process. my husband and I were very nervouse, but with his helpI confirmed that filing was the correct decision for me. I was bery happy that it was as easy as it was. Very professional and always followed-up on outstanding inquiries. I would recommend Mr. Kaufman to family, friends and anyone else considering filing bankruptcy.”

“Just at the time I had to travel abroad my mortgage refinancing was scheduled to close. This was a real conundrum, because there were a dozen ways the closing could go wrong and there would be serious financial consequences if the loan failed to close. I was particularly concerned because throughout the process of securing the refinancing my mortgage lender had shown itself to be unresponsive and uncooperative. I solved the problem by deputizing Harry Kaufman, Esq. to handle the closing for me. Because I knew of Mr. Kaufman’s long experience in mortgage financing and his command of the field’s intricacies, I left the country feeling confident that any legal issues that might arise would be resolved and that the loan would close even in my absence. Indeed the loan closed efficiently. Mr. Kaufman’s fee for his services was entirely reasonable.”

“Harry Kaufman made filing bankruptcy a fast and easy process. I was very nervous about the decision, but with his guidance I confirmed that filing was the correct decision for me. I am amazed at how easy he made the process with the use of electronic applications. Very professional and always followed-up on outstanding inquiries. I would highly recommend Mr. Kaufman to family, friends and anyone else considering filing bankruptcy.”

“Harry did a terrific job for me, and helped me every step of the way. He made a difficult process so much easier to handle. No one wants to be in this position, but he handled my matter with empathy and understanding. He is knowledgeable and was there every step of the way, and always was reachable. He returns calls and emails promptly and never made me feel like I was a bother. I recommend his office without reservation.”

“I recommend Mr. Kaufman to anyone who is in need of ‘the right’ person to trust and depend on. I am fortunate to have someone of his caliber in my corner! I have relied on his service, efforts and experience with great success.”