Is It Time for a Divorce?

There is a common misconception about prenuptial agreements as creating a kind of “backdoor” out of a marriage. In other words, if you begin a marriage by planning for its end then it is certainly doomed, right? That’s not always the case. Many couples with prenuptial agreements go on to have long and happy marriages. It just makes sound business sense to enter into this type of agreement especially if the couples are bringing large personal assets to the union.

But what happens when a marriage does genuinely fail? If you’re reading this piece then the thought of divorce has obviously entered your mind. Think about these other signs to decide if it is time for a divorce:

  • You Spend More Time Thinking About Life Outside of Marriage

There is nothing wrong with having a fantasy of a dream vacation, even if you imagine taking that vacation without your spouse. However, if you’re spending a lot of time working out the details of what your life would be like without being married then its clear where you might be headed. If you honestly think that the only way you can be truly happy is outside of your marriage then contacting a qualified Westchester divorce lawyer could be on the horizon.

  • More Bad Times Than Good Times

There was a reason you got married in the first place and that reason was love. However, that doesn’t mean that over the years your needs haven’t changed. If you find yourself in a relationship where there are more bad times than good times it might be time to rethink that union. Do you really want to spend your time fighting or feeling unloved?

  • You’re Keeping Your Feelings All Bottled Up

For a marriage to work you need to keep the lines of communication open. Are you keeping more things to yourself because you don’t want to share them with your spouse? Have they stopped listening? If you can’t share what is going on in your life and how you a feeling with your partner then why are you in the relationship?

  • The Fights Are More Frequent

Do you dread coming home? Do you dread when your spouse comes home? Is every day another excuse for a fight? There are many little incidents that can build up to cause strife between couples. It’s when those incidents aren’t easily forgotten or forgiven that leads to trouble in the marriage. If you’re thinking, “We’re always fighting” then something is broken.

  • Somebody Has Given Up

Does it feel like you’re the only one who is working to fix things in your marriage? Or have you been accused of not caring? On either side of that is the same issue: someone has given up. That is a clear sign the marriage is over and it might be time to contact a Westchester divorce attorney.