Family Law: Annulment – Erase My Marriage

Family Law: Annulment – Erase My Marriage The Happy Couple

With the media captivated by the Kardashian-Humphries marriage saga, the topic of annulment versus divorce has come into the spotlight. What’s the difference? Why does it even matter since the marriage will end either way?

Annulments are often brought on for religious reasons; the family does not believe in divorce or, in order to get married in a church again, annulments can often be necessary. An

There are two classifications of marriage which can be subject to annulment: Marriages that are void at their inception, and marriages that are void by court order.

Marriage Void at Inception

A marriage can be void at the very moment the vows are taken; the marriage was never legitimate to begin with. These marriages are those entered into through incest, when a prior spouse is still living, or the individual marrying you is not solemnized (meaning not permitted to perform a marriage ceremony).

Marriage Void by Court

The Court can void a marriage when one or both parties are under the age of eighteen, unable to consent or incapable of understanding the marriage, inability to consummate the marriage, incurable mental illness for five or more year, or forced into the marriage by reason of duress or fraud.

Regardless of the type of annulment granted, any children born during the marriage are still considered legitimate children of the parties; the court will still issue orders regarding custody and support.

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