Buying and Selling Your Home

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Buying a home should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, especially for first time home buyers.  It should not be mysterious or hard to understand, because when explained properly, it is not mysterious or hard to understand.

Above all, it should not be stressful.  The key is to patiently explain everything at the beginning so we will sit down and review the time line from contract to closing, and the costs you can expect.

Call me and we will talk about mortgage choices and I will review the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) your lender gives you.  I will explain title insurance and before the closing, you will know exactly what to expect.

Selling a home can be more stressful, because often there are complicated feelings and concerns involved. The best experience when selling a home is when there are no surprises. Much of that will depend on having an expert real estate broker to pre qualify your buyers.

Then, when you come to me, we will work together to make sure all goes according to plans.  Selling can also be more difficult, because often the sale must be timed with a purchase.

Here are a few of the more difficult issues facing sellers:  Can I safely make an offer to buy before I have a buyer for my home? What happens if my buyer doesn’t qualify and I lose the deal? What if I have to close on my buy before my buyer is ready?

These are some of the issues we will navigate together.

Call or email me so we can talk about buying or selling your home in much greater detail.